TP-703-SH Medium-Duty Strapping Head

TP-703-SH is the strapping head designed to work with both PP and PET straps for various applications. TP-703-SH is ideal for medium duty pallet strapping machines.
TP-703-SH and TP-601D-SH are the strapping heads to fulfill different requirements for tension, strap types, strap widths, etc. Both TP-703-SH and TP-601D-SH are ideal for pallet strapping machines.


  • Extremely reliable robust mechanism design and high engineering standard
  • Friction-weld seal, no fumes and odours
  • Tension force up to 300 kg (medium-duty)
  • Suitable for PP or PET straps, width from 9 mm to 15.5 mm
  • Strap dispenser is on request



  • Automatic pallet strapping machine for horizontal strapping applications (TP-713H)
  • Automatic pallet strapping machine for vertical strapping applications (TP-703VLM series)



  • Electric control unit with Siemens PLC
  • Lower tension 200 - 1200 N (20 - 120 kg)